Norad Mill

3West Events
Suite # 305

3West is a newly renovated event space located in the Norad Mill (60 Roberts Drive, North Adams, MA).

This gorgeous open space features dark wood floors, exposed brick, built-in bar, large windows opening to a scenic view... and so much more.

The space is ideal for weddings, rehearsal dinners, proms, reunions, company parties, showers, and many other gatherings.

Contact us today for a showing @413.663.8677

413 Theraworks
Suite # 215

I'm Candace and I like to keep it real.

No, seriously...

Life is hard. Work is hard. Maintaining healthy relationships is hard. Raising kids is hard. Know what makes it easier? Talking about it. Talking works.

I've worked tons of different jobs in several different industries and know what they all have in common? Burned out employees--including myself. Seeing burned out staff (and being one of those burned out staff) engage in power struggles with their clients and their inability to see how it is a lose/lose situation made me realize that we are all human and we all have our limits. How do we get back to a place of some sort of balance or healthy life?

Sometimes the heaviness of our job takes a toll on our abilities as a partner, a parent, and an employee. You probably realize how miserable you are at your job, but don't believe that you have the ability to change and feel better. I've tried to overcome these feelings by changing jobs, but that was only a temporary solution to a bigger issue. Is it possible that the job wasn't actually the problem?

Are you spending your free time looking back on your life and regretting things you didn't do by putting your job first, like the concert you missed, how you handled a situation with your child, the passive aggressive comments you made to your partner? Is it possible to come to terms with the past and move forward in a positive direction?

Yep. It's possible. I'm not saying it's all rainbows and sunshine. It might be really hard work.

  • I'm a different kind of therapist. If you want a blank slate, keep clicking on through. If you feel best in gentle silence only, we might not jive.
  • I believe in bold statements to help you get out of self-defeating patterns.
  • I believe in getting deep down in the muck with you and then celebrating with you as we hose all that crap off.

If you're ready to finally have someone really, truly meet you where you're at and walk the uphill road with you to the next level, we should talk.

I'm board certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a licensed mental health counselor. I'm also a member of  the American Counselors Association.

AfterGlow Aesthetics
Suite # 302

AfterGlow Aesthetics

Hydrafacial • Results-Driven Skincare • Neuromodulators • Brows & Lashes.

Services by appointment only.

Visit our site to meet the team, schedule a visit and browse our products.

At Home TLC
Suite # 310

Our mission is to provide dedication to our clients and help them lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


At Home TLC, Inc. provides all inclusive services that range from companionship to end-of-life care.

We are available to accommodate your needs 24 hours a day; 7 days a week


If you have any questions feel free to call At Home TLC, Inc. at our Office at


Avery Adams Massage
Suite # 207

Nestled in the beautiful Berkshires; Avery Adams Massage & Boutique is located in the  newly renovated  Norad Mill, which  has  quickly  become a  destination in North  Adams, Massachusetts.   
Just  seconds from MASS MoCA; and many fantastic downtown restaurants,  we  are  also minutes from Williamstown and many other Berkshire attractions.   Ample off street parking is available.  In addition to providing superior massage and spa treatments, we retail a variety of gift items; including soy candles, jewelry, soaps, baby items, skincare products, and much more.  

Belltower Records
Suite # 105

We buy, sell and trade used and new vinyl records, compact discs, cassettes, and other music merchandise and equipment. Come check out our brick and mortar location, or browse our collections online in our Discogs profile (user name "tooner")

Betty Vera Studio
Suite # 111

My work encompasses several modes of expression that share a common visual language despite differences in materials and construction. Linear elements in the two-dimensional work translate into tactile fibrous forms in sculptures and environmental installations, which in turn influence the woven and drawn imagery.

Curvilinear shapes and ambiguous shadows in some weavings appear to reference hemp fibers, reed, slender shavings of wood, human hair, or other elements particular to living things. But in other works, similarly cursive lines represent glistening coils of transparent oxygen tubing. Their shapes echo those of natural forms but are rooted in a deeper, subtler relationship to nature. Pointing to the transience of life, these abstract images of a human lifeline evoke a sense of stillness, an acute awareness of the present moment suspended in that tiny instant between breaths; between life and its cessation; or between ordinary reality and a fleeting memory or impression.

I “paint” with threads and other fibrous materials, not pigment on a brush. On the loom, the “canvas” is constructed simultaneously with the image embedded in it. The weavings require detailed planning and meticulous attention to technical parameters in order to render an image—whether it is woven entirely by hand or developed pixel by pixel for fabrication on a computerized loom. In contrast, my approach to sculpture consists of manipulating materials instinctively and without specialized tools or technology. These complementary studio practices result in a rich cross-fertilization of visual content flowing back and forth between the weavings and the three-dimensional work.


Suite # 109

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services has over 30 years of experience in turn-key solar projects- commercial, institutional and residential!

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services Inc.(BPVS) has completed many “firsts” in the area and the nation. We helped establish best practices in PV design. In recent years we are often called on to correct or retrofit systems orphaned by the original installer. Manufacturers whose products under warranty need service call us too because they’ve lost confidence in the original installer. See our Solar Power page to see the variety of solar designs and expertise we offer !

Cheeky Fishing
Suite # TBD

Cheeky Fishing was founded in 2009 out of the Boston, MA apartments of Scott Caras, Peter Crommett, and Ted Upton. While Caras, Crommett and Upton were grinding on the business in Boston, Max Key headed up “Cheeky West” (as we called it) in Denver, Colorado. As longtime friends and fishing buddies, the four of us founded Cheeky Fishing because we weren’t satisfied with fly fishing’s sometimes stuffy vibe, or the unimaginative, bland look and performance of the equipment.

The four of us are fishing addicts … inspired by that heart-pounding moment when a fish explodes on the surface and all hell breaks loose. We wanted a reel that performed better, looked better, and reflected our passion and intensity. So, in the waning months of 2009, we set out to create and deliver a product that would meet this need.

For us, believe it or not, it all started with the ski industry. If we weren’t on the water, we were definitely on the mountain. In fact, I think some of us still struggle with the age-old dilemma: epic powder day or epic trout day? We all loved to ski, but couldn’t help but notice how different the ski industry was from the fly fishing industry. In those days, you couldn’t get on a chair lift without seeing neon orange and green ski pants, bold ski graphics, and constantly improving technology (think twin tips, rockers, parabolic shapes, fatties, etc.). There were smaller upstart ski companies emerging everywhere with eye-catching, innovative equipment, which in turn was attracting new people to the sport and also converting traditionalists because it was better.

After a few months of brainstorming and business planning, we officially incorporated Cheeky Fishing in March, 2010. We had little money, but we had a plan, drawing on our inspiration from the ski industry, to launch a fly reel company that manufactured technically advanced fly reels utilizing colors and materials that were totally different than what the marketplace was used to (at the time, you were hard pressed to find a fly reel that wasn’t solid black, silver or gold). We wanted to make a splash with colors and designs, but even more importantly, we knew we had to create a better fly reel. In the months following, we set out to do both.

As we quickly learned, starting a business and developing an innovative product line with almost no capital is no easy task. To make it happen, we worked second jobs during the nights and weekends at fly shops and restaurants, put that money into the business, and dedicated the daylight hours to developing our products. The early development days were a blast. We spent about a third of our time staring at computer screens (mostly tweaking and testing our CAD designs in Solidworks), a third of our time actually on the machine shop floor building prototypes, and the rest on the water testing the reels. Our testing strategy was pretty simple. We tried to break the reels, and when we did, we’d adjust the design and try and break them again. Eventually, we ran out of things to fix.

It took over a year, but in May 2011 we completed our first fly reel design. It was a slow and organic process, but looking back, it was the right way to do it. We emerged from our design process with a 7-10 weight fly reel featuring a fully sealed drag, the Mojo 425, and we anodized the reel in bright yellow and blue. The reel boasted features not seen in the marketplace before. It was lighter, stronger, and had more line capacity than many of our competitors' offerings. We were using more carbon fiber drags discs, and we even incorporated a titanium casing for the sealed drag. The reels were bomb proof. We had made it. All we had to do now was put up a website, kick back, and let the orders roll in for our $690 fly reel.

As you can imagine, that’s not exactly how it went. In the beginning, sales were slower than we hoped, the product was pricey, and some people thought we were crazy for introducing something so flashy into a sport that was, to date anyway, quite traditional. Maybe they were right, but we knew the performance of our fly reel was second-to-none and we were determined to see it through. Three months later, in August, we launched our second reel in the lineup … a similarly designed 5-7 weight reel, the Ambush 375, which we anodized in bright green and gold and retailed for $640.

With two reels to market, a developing track record of performance and dependability, and a growing word-of-mouth following, Cheeky was starting to get its legs. In October of 2011, the Mojo 425 landed on the cover of the largest fly fishing magazine in the world, Fly Fisherman, under the tag "Gear for the New Year." While the Editors remarked “the bold colors and designs are a slap in the face to traditional ported reels,” they also praised Cheeky reels for their performance: “[the] drag withstood repeated dunkings and stayed smooth, even though it was cast aside and bashed on riverbank cobbles with almost every steelhead.” We were ecstatic!

As 2011 drew to a close, we had our work cut out for us. Our following grew rapidly and sales increased steadily, but we only had two fly reels to market and they both retailed for almost $700. For us, at the ripe age of 26, that was A LOT of money to spend on a fishing reel. We suspected others felt the same. Unfortunately, the solution wasn’t as simple as just lowering the price. We were trying to build a successful business, and our costs to manufacture in the USA were extraordinarily high. If we had lowered the price, the business wouldn’t have been able to operate.

After some serious soul searching, we arrived at a conclusion: we built a fly reel that none of us could even afford to buy ourselves. We needed to make a change and get back to our roots. We started Cheeky Fishing because we were trying to make fly fishing more approachable and fun for all. A $700 fly reel was not the answer.

During the summer of 2012, we made the very difficult decision to transition our manufacturing overseas. Our goal was to continue developing our line of fly reels without compromising on performance, but at a price point that was more obtainable to more anglers. Building on an already proven USA spec’d design, we drastically lowered our manufacturing costs overseas with scale and manufacturability techniques. We passed all of the savings back to the customer. By the end of 2012, we reduced our prices by over 40%. In addition, we were able to invest more in development, launching three more reels: a 2-4 weight in bright bronze and silver, a 10-12 weight in bright green and blue, and a 12-16 weight in bright blue and silver (the Strike 325, Thrash 475 and Dozer 525 respectively).

With a full lineup of competitively priced fly reels, coupled with Cheeky’s unparalleled performance and head-turning designs, we entered 2013 with a bang. Fly shops were taking notice and the phone started ringing. We began partnerships with dealers all over the country and we invested heavily in marketing and community building at events/shows to support our growing dealer base (the annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament has become the largest fly fishing tournament in the world!). We also invested heavily in new product development. While we were starting to experience some success, we knew we had to keep innovating to stay relevant. On top of that, by designing and developing more high performance yet affordable products, we felt we could continue to make the sport more and more accessible.

And so in 2014, we launched the award winning Boost Fly Reel lineup and our sought after 550 Pliers. In 2015, we followed that up with the economical Tyro Fly Reel lineup, and in 2016, we introduced Triple Plays (one reel, two spools, and a Fishpond case, bundled at one great price). In 2017, we launched the Limitless Fly Reel lineup, which has continued to set the bar for the highest performing fly reels available today.

As we look ahead, we have much, much more in store and we are as excited as ever to continue building Cheeky Fishing and providing great products to you, our customers. In doing so, we will always stay committed to our roots, humbled in our approach, and we will always strive to share our passion for fishing, and business, as widely as we can.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Our Story. It’s been a wild ride. We did leave out a few anecdotes along the way (like determining our first prototype’s line capacity by wrapping the line around an empty keg … or … that time we flipped the tin can in the middle of an off-the-grid northern lake at dusk and almost died … or … that time we decided to class it up on a testing trip, and instead of camping, stayed at the Glades Motel in Naples—don’t stay at the Glades Motel in Naples), but in general we feel this is as accurate a description as we can give for Cheeky’s founding story. And still to this day, Caras, Crommett, Key and Upton are at the helm, and we’re as committed and dedicated as ever to continuing to push the limits of the sport we love. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to fly reels, but we hope you’ll choose Cheeky.

Commonwealth Financial Group
Suite # 214

Commonwealth Financial Group, a general agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), was established in 1857 with the commitment of providing extraordinary financial services to individuals, families, business owners, and companies. Over 150 years later, the agency’s original mission is still observed. What has changed is the continuously expanding national footprint. We look forward to the ongoing empowerment of current and future clients to take the steps towards achieving financial confidence.


Our mission is to maintain our position as a world-class provider of financial services by seeking to equip each of our clients a clear path to financial confidence, as well as a true sense of financial clarity and empowerment.


Commonwealth Financial Group’s culture is characterized by teamwork, trust, cooperation, and collaboration. We deploy a team-based, holistic approach to meet the needs of our clients. While striving to consistently deliver the finest level of service available, we hold ourselves accountable to the very highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

Freia Fibers
Suite # 204

For the Love of Color
​I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t knitting, and short of injury or ill-health, I can’t imagine ever putting my needles down. I don’t know if my need to keep my hands occupied came as a result of knitting or was what led me to it.

Dyeing has felt like a homecoming for me. As a photography student at the San Francisco Art Institute in the 80’s I spent hours in the darkroom color correcting my photographic prints. Intensifying reds, taking greens out of blue to make it true, turning a pink into purple. When I learned fiber dyeing I was amazed to see that the process is almost identical to darkroom work; changing filters and altering exposure time to get the perfect shade and saturation were not unlike the additive and subtractive process when creating my pigment percentages and solution strength for the perfect depth of shade in my yarn.

Back in 2003 I started Knitwhits, a knitting pattern and kit company. After 6 years of designing small portable projects and keeping within the strict boundaries of making cost-effective, “kit-able” designs, I was bursting at the seams to make sweaters and larger projects. I started designing using primarily self-striping yarns as it appealed to my need to still change things up a bit. Long stretches of stockinette in one color just don’t seem to hold my attention.

It became increasingly apparent that though there were some gorgeous self-striping yarns on the market, there were elements still missing. It is those missing elements that I bring to Freia Handpaint Yarns. I have developed an extensive range of gradient yarns unlike anything that existed before. I straddle the line somewhere between an indie dyer and a large yarn company, providing a unique hand dyed yarn, but with lots of hours and hard work we are able to produce the yarn at levels to supply the wholesale market, enabling us to sell to retail stores across the world. The yarn I use is soft and lofty (or smooshy as I prefer to call it). It has a wonderful rustic character to it, without the itch. In our Flux self-striping yarn the balls begin and end in the same color, making it simple to just keep knitting on a bigger project without having to dig to match colors from ball to ball (and waste yarn in the process). The Ombré yarns have gorgeous extra long gradients - that cannot be replicated in mass production - with a lush depth of color only we can bring as hand dyers. Our semi-solids give a knitter enough flexibility to combine all sorts of colors in a project in a base to match the other yarns we supply.

In the time since I took up dyeing back in the early part of 2010 to today, the company has grown dramatically. Nine months into this venture the company was primarily still just me and one hard-working intern working out of my house.  From the summer of 2013 until the winter of  2017, the company was housed in a 2000 sq foot space in the heart of gritty West Oakland and home to many more employees. In the beginning of 2018 I packed my bags (and the studio) and drove across the US to set up shop in a 4000 square foot space in a revitalized textile mill in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.  I wouldn't be where I am without the countless hours and commitment of my amazing staff through the years who somehow put up with my endless onslaught of enthusiasm, drive and crazy ideas.  

​I love what I do, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I get to play with color, I get to knit and design with yarn whose color I’ve created and dyed from scratch. Short of owning my own sheep, this is may be the next best thing!  And who is Freia? Freia was my wonderful Chesapeake Bay Retriever who kept me sane the rest of the time. She and her companion Cody both passed in the early part of 2018 and Rosie, the current studio dog, has some big shoes to fill but has a lot of love and snuggles to give and is good at her job. Both Freia (the dog) and Freia (the yarn) have brought a wonder to my life that is priceless in beauty, joy and exuberance

Joanna Klain Studio
Joffe Arts
Suite # 108

Ellen Joffe-Halpern, painting under the signature of Joffe is an artist, teacher, and art therapist living in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She is a member of the NUarts studio group in Pittsfield, MA. She received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts and a M.Ed in expressive art therapy from Lesley College. She studied for many years with Wallace Bassford while managing the North Truro.

Karlie Rush Photography
Suite # 211



I'm Karlie, mother, wife, photographer.
I live in Southern VT with my husband and two kids, I'm always up for an adventure + Starbucks is a must!

Being behind the lens of a camera has felt like home since I was 11 years old, so its no wonder this business is my dream and "work" doesn't feel like work at all! There is nothing that feels better than gearing up for a big wedding day or going to photograph a new baby.

I have spent the last decade of my life committed to bringing individuals and families a sense 

of timelessness by capturing moments, freezing them in photographs for you + future generations in your family to enjoy for years to come. 

 I want to help you to capture YOUR life- the Big moments, the Little moments and all the moments in between. 

Kim Perry Insurance

Kim Perry Insurance & Retirement Solutions.

Protecting what you value most.

"I understand the busy lives that we all lead and this is why I truly believe that Life Insurance is needed by everyone to protect your family. The best way to show that we love someone is to leave a legacy behind which is easily done with Life Insurance. I also believe that we can offer some of the best coverages to protect you and your most prized possessions through our Home, Auto, Commercial and Agriculture insurance products." Kim Perry.

Knockout Designs
Suite # 112

Knockout Designs gives brewers, architects, builders and designers the freedom to create true signature pieces that are as artistic as they are durable. We are breaking the mold in custom tap handles and hardware with the option of intricate designs and no minimum orders.

Lapin Curiosities + LAPINcontemporary
Suite # 308

Lapin Curiosities started with a vision of a creative space to exhibit artists and artisans with eye-opening perspectives, creating impressive and interactive moments for visiting customers, and curating a unique and whimsical collection of art, crafts, jewelry, and beyond.

We are excited to announce our new gallery space, LAPINcontemporary.
Check our website for updates on current and future exhibitions.

Store and Gallery Hours:
Thursday- Sat 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sundays 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Monday- Tuesday - Wednesday, by appointment only.
You can reach us at

Suite # 307

Leapfolio is a commercial collaborative publishing venture established by the executives and staff of the nonprofit company Tupelo Press, one of the most respected literary book publishers in America.

Conventional routes to publishing — often involving labyrinthine manuscript submission procedures and intermediary agents to (possibly) get noticed by a decision maker at a corporate media conglomerate — aren’t meeting the needs of all aspiring authors.

Leapfolio provides guidance, hands-on expertise, and a customized book-production process for independent authors and organizations who recognize that collaborative publication is a viable way to meet personal, professional, and creative goals in the midst of a publishing industry that’s undergoing enormous shifts and changes.

Suite # 301

Founded in 2014, Clinical Providers Staffing, P.C., (CPS) is transforming gap staffing services with its commitment to providing high-quality, friendly physicians, transparent pricing, and a focus on building relationships. CPS began with emergency medicine and now includes hospitalist, intensivist, and med/peds hospitalist services. CPS is domiciled in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and provides services to Massachusetts hospitals from Boston to the Berkshires. To deliver the same outstanding service to hospitals in the Empire State, Medical Provider Service, P.C. was incorporated in New York in 2017.

Moresi & Associates
Suite # 201

Moresi & Associates is committed to private economic development in the Berkshires and beyond! We proudly provide commercial and residential property management and real estate development services.

Moresi Real Estate Partners
Suite # 201

Moresi Real Estate Partners is a full service real estate brokerage firm located in North Adams, Massachusetts. The principals combine decades of real estate knowledge from single unit homes to large scale development.

We employ dozens of talented individuals who are highly knowledgable in all aspects of real estate management and construction.

Unique to the firm is the in house staff of licensed tradesmen and maintenance technicians that allows Moresi & Associates to serve their clients unlike any other firm.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell...let us put this power to work for you.

Movement Matters
Suite # 311

Movement Matters Healing Arts is a place of nourishment. Movement is NOT just exercise. We believe movement comes from within, starting with our breath, thoughts, & how we speak to ourselves. We facilitate movement from within, so your mind, body, & spirit can heal. Everything we offer will  give you the confidence to trust your body, release, and make real lasting changes to live your BEST life forward. Take a look at all we offer & step into the dance of healing and the joy of living! 

"Nothing changes until something moves" Albert Einstein 

Norad Golf
Suite # 209

Peter Egazarian, PGA, TPI

Teaching Professional - Taconic Golf Club

Owner/ Performance Coach - Northeast Golf Performance, Inc.

"This is a player centered environment guiding self discovery"

  • Class A PGA Member (11 Years)
  • NENY PGA Player Development Award Recipient
  • Jacobs 3D Adviser to New England
  • Gray Institute Golf Movement Specialist
  • Level 3 Junior Coach by The Titleist Performance Institute
  • Level 2 Golf Coach by The Titleist Performance Institute
  • K-Motion Certified Golf Coach (Sport Specific Bio-Feedback)
  • TrackMan 4 Owner & Level 2 Golf coach
    • (3D Radar of Club and Ball Data)
  • BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certified Professional
  • Member of The Proponent Group (The Premier Network of Golf Instructors)
Rocko Minerals
Suite # 114

In a nutshell, our family started this business over 20 years ago, by taking a combining our enthusiastic interest in "rocks" with a dedicated passion to work for ourselves...and we continue to do what we love today. Retail and wholesale, searching the world for the finest mineral treasures! We buy, sell and showcase a variety of minerals for anyone interested; from amateur to the most seasoned collectors.  We exhibit for the public via trade shows & private appointment, and, of course, display & sell annually at the mecca of rock shows, in Tucson AZ.

Rootz Hair and Nail Studio
Suite # 203
Roxie's Barkery
Suite # 107

We are proud to be the first and only Barkery and Boutique in the Berkshires offering a large variety of handmade all-natural dog and cat treats, baked goods, custom dog cakes, ice-cream, and much much more!

We also carry a large variety of high quality pet products and even some items for dog and cat lovers such as handmade custom earrings, walking bags, stickers, & more!

All of the items you’ll find at our Barkery and Boutique are from small businesses, when shopping with us you're supporting multiple small businesses at once!

We take pride in all Roxie's Barkery products being 100% safe and healthy for your pups and kitties!

You can fully trust that we hand-make each one of our “Barking Good Biscuits!” and kitty treats with love and the well-being of your furry family member in mind!


Sabrina Marie Makeup Artistry
Suite # 315

Traditional & Permanent Makeup Artist

Sabrina Marie Fortier is a professional make-up artist based in North Adams, Massachusetts; situated in the heart of the Berkshires. She specializes in Permanent makeup, microblading, wedding makeup, proms, photo shoots and private lessons.

Sabrina only uses ethically sound and natural products such as jane iredale cosmetics. They are free of chemicals, fillers, talc, petroleum, FD&C dyes, parabens and added fragrance. They are also cruelty free and look amazing on the skin.

Studio North
Suite # 103

At Studio North Dance Arts, we believe that dance is for everyone - whether just beginning as a preschooler, continuing as a teen, or returning as an adult (or trying something new as a teen or adult!). Our classes are designed to encourage discipline and creativity in all of our students while teaching the technical concepts of the art of dance. Dance class is beneficial for every age group - teaching young students how to be in a class room and follow direction,  helping all to be physically active, and developing a love of the arts.


We offer once a week classes for the recreational students who enjoy multiple interests, such as sports, theatre or musical instruments, as well as a more intensive program for the older dance student who has decided that dance is his or her passion.


Our school year runs September through May, culminating in a recital for family and friends at the end of the year. We accept new registrations through December, and sometimes later if we feel a student will be able to successful integrate into the class and have an enjoyable experience. We offer an 8 week session starting in June, as well as DANCEcamps for ages 3-12 during August for those who want to continue through the summer months.

Tax Solutions of The Berkshires
Suite # 105

For tax preparation in North Adams MA, you can count on Jacqueline I. Demarisco, EA at Tax Solutions Of The Berkshires, Inc. Jacqueline I. Demarisco, EA assists taxpayers and small businesses with taxes in North Adams MA and the surrounding communities. Whether you are an individual or a local business in or around North Adams MA, Jacqueline I. Demarisco, EA has years of valuable experience as an IRS registered tax preparer. Contact Jacqueline I. Demarisco, EA, tax filing specialist in North Adams MA, for help with your taxes.

The Computer Bug
Suite # 106

Since 2000, The Computer Bug has become a well-known Computer Repair Service in North Adams. What started out as a hobby has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We offer quality repairs at affordable prices. Our intense passion for fixing what’s broken has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.

The Norad Cafe

Offering breakfast sandwiches, muffins, cookies, specialty breads, bagels, made to order sandwiches & salads, build your own grilled cheese, soups, hot dogs and mini pizzas! Also get your Boar's Head sliced deli meats! 

The Norad Toy & Candy Company
Suite # 102

This unique retail store will be sure to capture the attention of young and old alike brining high quality toys and games along with nostalgic candy and treats to visitors from far and near.

Tunnel City Coffee
Suite # 213

We are Tunnel City Coffee, a specialty coffee company roasting and operating cafes in the northern Berkshires of Massachusetts since 1992. We get our name from the Hoosac Tunnel, which laid the foundation for businesses in the northern Berkshires, including ours. Our own story started with roasting coffee in a small home oven in Williamstown, MA, when we called ourselves Cold Spring Coffee Roasters. Since then, we've grown our number of cafes and roast all our coffee in the historic Norad Mill of North Adams, MA. Our mission remains the same, to build on the foundation of small manufacturing in the northern Berkshires and share what we love about specialty coffee with you.

Stop in at one of our cafes or browse our coffee online to learn more.

Tupelo Press
Suite # 307

Tupelo Press, Inc., which released its first five books in fall 2001, is an independent, literary press devoted to discovering and publishing works of poetry, literary fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established writers. Tupelo Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company.

What we look for is a blend of urgency of language, imagination, distinctiveness, and craft. What we produce and how we produce it — from design to printing to paper quality — honors the writing in books which boast the uniquely sensual look and feel of a Tupelo Press book.

Readers and writers alike have already come to recognize both the aesthetic appeal and unique literary merit of Tupelo publications. No other press in America approaches the production standards of Tupelo Press. Tupelo has quickly established itself as the new standard among independent literary presses.

Varone Studio
Suite # 208

    Jason Varone combines video and painting with appropriated news footage and electronic data, removing any distinctions or boundaries between them. His “videopaintings” underline the impermanence and constant bombardment of transmitted information to a society that is fixated on alternately obsessing over or ignoring electronic messages.

    A graduate of New York University, Varone lives and works in both The Berkshires, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, New York. His artwork has been exhibited in many venues including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, The Boston Center for the Arts, The British Film Institute, The International Center of Photography and Art in General in New York City.


Wit McKay Studio
Suite # 304

Wit McKay is an artist and photographer from Williamstown, MA.  His studio work at the Norad Mill is focused on creating large-scale color prints.  Subject matter for these images include: Road Cuts- rock faces exposed by cutting a highway through a hill, White Signs- blank road signs for defunct businesses in the American Southwest, Saints: Objects of Devotion- scenes of devotional objects (old and new) in Italian churches.

Wit is a graduate of Williams College, BA ’78 and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA ’83.  He lived and worked as a photographer in New York City for many years and has made his home in the Berkshires since 2011.  He has shown his work, locally and nationally, in numerous galleries and institutions.  His studio, Norad Mill #304, is open by appointment.